What is a Niffer??? 

It all started back in 1990 with three friends that wanted to open up a restaurant.  They knew they wanted a place that was fun and affordable.  Then came the fun of designing the T-shirts (yes, this is the second step of restaurant ownership!).  Our artist came up with a character to represent  a regular guy that loves good food at a great value.  The character end up looking like a nerd but also a friend of the owner, Keely, whom she called "Niff."  The rest is history.


A Niffer is someone that is a connoisseur of corn nuggets, burgers, delicious chicken and homemade chips with mexicalli!  Someone that is a great person that loves Niffer's!  A true Niffer is a member of our loyalty program and has our new app so they can stay on top of what is going down at the Niff!  We believe that you are a true Niffer so we want to make sure you have the link to our app to ensure that you get all the latest coupons and a super easy way to connect with us when you need to.  Please download the app to your smartphone and enjoy!



One of the few times you will ever see this parking lot empty!