How The Program Works 

Niffer’s will be happy to offer a charity event for our local charities!  Our offer for fundraising opportunities is for both lunch and dinner on a given day to a specific charity.

We will give 10% as a donation on all signed receipts for the net amount of your ticket: that is less tax and gratuity.

We have a few simple rules. We do not allow your charity to solicit our customers in the restaurant. We are providing the opportunity for this to be successful. You, the Charity need to bring your people in to make this work. This is really simple to do, you need to promote from within your organization and from outside your organization. Use your email lists, your social media, ask for free radio time and don’t forget your Chamber of Commerce newsletters!

Your charity needs to be a 501c3 approved charity, school or church. You must provide us with a mailing address for the check. We will gladly offer charity event in our Auburn store on Tuesdays, and in our Lake Martin and Opelika stores on Mondays. Any charity may use our charity event, once per year per store.

Your patrons must sign the back of their tickets for us to tally the donation amount.

Our goal is to help the charity, but also to bring people that may not have come into our restaurants. If we do our job right, we gain a new customer and you receive 10% from that diner’s ticket. If you do your job right, you will end up with a nice donation.

This can be a fantastic way to raise some money, but unless you as a charity really drive the business, it will not produce the results you may have hoped for. Niffer’s has been in the restaurant business since 1991 and been involved in many charities and a lot of charitable giving! This is a little like having a charity car wash, but if nobody knows it is happening the results are not what is expected. Promote it well and really get involved and it can be spectacular!

Please fill out your charity request on our web site and we will confirm if the dates are available!








I understand what part we need to play to make this event successful!

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