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Large Private Dining Room is:

21' x 42'

The maximum seated capacity is 64 people. This is at 8 round tables with 8 chairs at each table.

For black table clothes there is a $25.00 cleaning fee.

For white tableclothes there is a $10.00 fee per tablecloth for dry cleaning fee.

Buffet will be set up in the Small PDR.

This room requires a refundable deposit of $350.00 to reserve space.

Under No circumstances are lunch specials or dine in restaurant specials available in either of the private dining rooms.

Small Private Dining Room is:

14' x 21'

The maximum seated capacity is 16 people. We set this room as one large square table with four people per side maximum. No deposit is required for this room, however it must be reserved through our catering facilitator at least one week in advance. IF YOU PARTY OUTGROWS THIS ROOM YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO WAT FOR A TABLE IN MAIN DINING. YOU WILL NOT BE MOVED TOP THE LARGER ROOM AUTOMATICALLY. The larger room may be booked for another event.

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Audio Visual Equipment

Niffer's has a 40" TV in the Large PDR that you are welcome to hook up your presentations via an HDMI cord. We do not have television channels available in this room. Also please note, we do not have staff on hand to assist in your presentation. Would would be happy to allow you to test your presentation on our tv before your event, please arrange with our catering manager.